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What We Do

Achieve Sports Management will handle everything a player needs during their young playing career.  Here are the services that we provide for an amateur player.

Training and Development

In today's game, physical conditioning and strength development are very important factors in the longevity and success of our players' careers.  As such, we work extremely hard to provide our clientele with access to top experts and up to date training methods available within the hockey industry.


Our contacts in the training and development areas of the game allow our clientele the opportunity to work with some of the best specific strength training, power skating, conditioning and development people in the hockey world.

Draft Preparation

In just the last 25  years, ASM has had over 30 amateur players drafted in the NHL. Given this experience, our group is uniquely qualified to properly prepare our clients and their families for the NHL Entry Draft. We ensure that our clients and their families understand the draft process and are given the best possible opportunity to succeed within the process.

Every young hockey player dreams of being drafted into the NHL. At ASM, we guide our amateur players through the peaks and valleys that they will go through in pursuit of that dream. Player promotion and family guidance are vital in this journey and we have the experience, knowledge and credibility to help our players get to the next level and reach their ultimate goal.

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