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What We Do

Achieve Sports Management will handle everything a player needs during their professional playing career.  Here are the services that we provide for a professional player. 

Contract Negotiation

ASM has extensive experience and unparalleled credibility in assessing player value. We have an in depth understanding of the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement and hold strong, professional relationships with NHL club executives. Our mandate is to ensure security and comfort for our players during their playing days and beyond.

Disability Insurance

We at ASM work with insurance industry experts throughout North America and Europe to ensure that our players at ASM obtain the best coverage at competitive rates.  We work very closely with our players in relation to all matters relating to their insurance needs.

Financial Planning

We have relationships with some of the top financial experts in the industry who lend thier expertise to our players as well as help educate our players for the preservation of their own financial goals. 

Social Media Management 

Through effective use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, ASM boosts its clients' value both on and off the ice. ASM strategically plans a social networking strategy for its clients to connect with fans, advertisers, sponsors and charities.

Marketing & Endorsements

At ASM, we strive to increase player exposure and compensation through endorsement opportunities. We work to build a strong personal brand for our players through public appearances, equipment deals, memorabilia and other endorsement contracts.


ASM has successfully collaborated with companies such as: CCM, Nike, Bauer, The Hockey Company, Brian's, EA Sports, Panini and Upper Deck Trading Cards on behalf of its clients. Through these licensing opportunities, ASM clients can maximize their value both on and off the ice.

Post Career 

ASM actively participates in assisting its clients in preparing for life after hockey. ASM's client success off the ice is just as important as their success on the ice. ASM begins preparing its clients early on in their careers to ensure that each client has a well thought out "game plan" for the future.

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